Ramblers is a bar dedicated to both the greatness of 'The Rolling Stones' and celebrating the "sence of fun" of their collected works. You can spend time enjoying the wide range of 'The Rolling Stones', collectibles such as rare records, CD collections, posters, photo books, and other interesting merchandise.

Our extensive 'Stones' collection encompasses memorabilia from their roots music, their friends and musician who follows; far from being a mere collection our mission is to celebrate all aspects of the cultural phenomena that was 'The Stones'. What these "testifiers of the time" teach us is the importance of remembering the "love" and "sence of fun" that were the heart of this colorful epoch.

The exhibition of our collection at a neighborhood gallery at the end of 2012.

To 'The Rolling Stones' and all the people who have been supporting them.I have a life-long mission to